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Who is 8P Studios?

8P Studios isn't a real studio! 8P Studios is a programmer who leads the Maker Donations Project. This website is dedicated to showing his projects, and commissions! 

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8P Studios has multiple projects which he creates, or helps create, such as Maker Donations.

Maker Donations

Maker Donations is a Robloxian Creativity sandbox that allows you to build your wildest dreams and get donations while doing it!


8P Studios is open to commissions! Feel free to dm 8P_StudioYT on the Talent Hub


8P Studios is a programmer that uses Python, Lua, and C# to create games, utilities, etc.


8P Studio's blog includes the latest tech, video game, and artificial intelligence news, and features other interesting topics!

Social Features offers multiple social features such as Forums, Groups, and Member Chats

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