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Wiki Page Status Codes

Wiki Page Status Codes

Last Updated:

August 14, 2023

The WIki has status codes that may be used to mark a Page for an accompanying reason. A list of which can be found below:

  • Stub

    • Page contains some to most information but is missing essential details.

  • Incomplete

    • Page is missing most necessary information

  • Removed

    • Page is about a feature that was removed

  • Limited Time Content

    • Page is about a feature that will only be available for a Limited Time

  • Scheduled Deletion

    • Page is scheduled for deletion or maybe in consideration for deletion


Other Status Codes:

  • Paid Content

    • Page is about paid content, such as a gamepass

  • Community Content

    • Page is about something community-related, like a world created by somebody not affiliated with the Official Maker Donations Team


Example of a Status Code:

This Page is X. View Page Status List

A list of wiki page statuses, like Stubs.


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